Diana, the Huntress       Circa 1862

One of a kind sample casting by Alex Birkholz, Hartford Conneticut.  67” high Info from US Commissioners of Patents Annual Report 1964 CU#1  Price $3,900.00/Cdn
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Cupid     Circa 1862

One of a kind sample casting.  Rare statue by Andrew Birkholtz - Hartford Conneticut - of Cupid. 35” high Info from US Commissioners of Patents Annual Report 1964 CU#2  Price $2,800.00/Cdn

Doilies and Lace

A variety of beautiful fine doilies and lace.  Table cloths, runners, napkins and handkerchiefs. CU#4  Price - please choose More Info

Regency Mahogany Settee with Claw Feet  

Circa 1820

Empire style furniture is one classy option for homes and even offices if you have a sophisticated taste of furniture. 34” high x 46” wide x 25” depth CU#3  Price $1,200.00/Cdn

African Masks

a variety of interesting ritual and ceremonial wall masks.   CU#14  Price - Contact Us

African Fertility Statue, 1800 est.

Handmade wood female power ancestor fertility statue. 32” high CU#15   Price - Contact Us
Vintage Clocks & Curios Curios & Vintage Furniture An interesting collection of small ornaments, candle holders, statues, artwork, african art, furniture, etchings and drawings, which are unusual and fairly rare.    Click on items to enlarge Note: All prices are in $Cdn, taxes are applicable Contact us at: Vint.Clock@gmail.com

African Carved Wooden Fertility Statue

39” high CU#16   Price - Contact Us

Victorian Mahogany Spoon Back Nursing Chair

22” wide x 34” high CU#5   Price $400.00/Cdn

Victorian Mahogany Footstool    Circa 1880

Period/Style: Antique Date: 1940’s Dimensions: 19″L x 12″W x 8″H Materials: Mahogany Condition: Excellent vintage condition CU#6  Price $350.00/Cdn
Candelabra Silver plated four armed CU#7  Price $275.00/Cdn


Assorted Prices CU#8   Price - Please contact for more info.

Sweden Vintage Industrial Architect Drafting Table

41-½ x 31 (raises to 64-½”) high Cast iron base housing mydraulic lift cylinder (drafting table top not original) CU#9  Price $1,500.00/Cdn

Beautiful Antique Victorian Cylinder Music Box

Playing 8 Waltzes airs with original key -  c1880

CU#10  Price - Contact Us

Antique 1920-1930 Six-Tune Cylinder Music

Box Walnut

CU#11  Price - Contact Us

3 - Fox Hunting, Republished by Edw.A.Orme, Bond St.

1812   Howitt in et F.

P4. Published June 1781 P5. Published Feb 1799 P6. Published Oct 1799 CU#12  Price - Contact Us

The “Rocket”, 1829 Thirty Miles an Hour

Color - print - 16-½” x 11-¾” CU#13  Price - Contact Us